Are You in Compliance?

Effective January 1, 2016 several states have increased the minimum wage rate.

Verifying pay rates in Pro Workforce is easy. On the menu bar, go to My Employees > Employee Information to see a list of active employees. To view employee’s pay rates, add the Hourly Pay column to your report screen. Then sort the report by the Hourly Pay column you just brought in.

If you find that you need to make a rate change to an employee, select the employee information icon from your report. Once in the employee profile, make sure you are on the MAIN tab (upper left of your screen). Under Base Compensation you will see the employee’s pay amount.

Select the “plus” sign on the far right in Base Compensation Section. A new box will appear (top box). Enter the new Amount. Enter the “Effective From” date. (If you are a TLM client and bring in daily payroll hours, this can be the exact date the pay rate should be effective. However, if you import hours on a weekly or per payroll basis, this effective date would need to be the pay date that the new rate will be effective.) Select Save. The new and active rate will appear above the old rate as shown below for an hourly employee.