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Employee Spotlight

Donna is an accounting assistant at Profit Builders, where she works closely with our dedicated team of accountants in Wichita, Kansas, to provide our customers with a full-service accounting solution. Donna joined our Profit Builders team in 2006 with 25 years of industry experience and previous work at an outsourced accounting firm. Today, she works to help process accounts payable and perform many other duties. We appreciate Donna’s dedication to our company!

In Her Words

  • Tell us about your role at Profit Builders.

    At Profit Builders, I work as an accounting assistant to process accounts payable, bank reconciliation statements, and sales tax payments.

  • What experience or skills have helped in your position?

    I have been in the accounting industry since 1981 and attended three years of college to help with my position as an accounting assistant. 

  • What do you like about working for Profit Builders?

    I like the flexibility that working at Profit Builders offers. I initially began working part-time, eventually went full-time, and have now gone back to working part-time. I appreciate that I get to be part-time and still feel like I have a career. We are all a team and help each other at Profit Builders, and I like the people that I get to work with!

  • What community organizations are you involved with?

    I am very active in the local community, including volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, serving and providing food to individuals in need, and donating to the local children’s home.

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