Final Pay, Deceased Employee

Whether we want to think about it or not, the death of an employee could happen to any employer at any time. Not only will this be an emotional time for yourself as well as your staff, but this is a very critical time to ensure all of the administrative actions are taken as the employer.

  • What do we do with wages owed at the time of death?
  • Are there benefit plans that need to be terminated?
  • Is there special tax law in my state on final payment?

Many of you may already know of the answers to these questions, but for some of us we may have never thought of it. As your payroll processor, Profit Builders, Inc. is here to help ensure the final payment is complete and accurate. Both Federal and state tax law need to be reviewed as far as the final paycheck. Beneficiary information will be necessary as well. (Food for Thought: Is your employees’ emergency contact information readily available? Pro Workforce has you covered! In each employee profile, is a dedicated section for employee contacts.)

Note: In the event that a death of an employee may strike in your workplace, it is critical for your dedicated Payroll Specialist at Profit Builders, Inc. to know as soon as possible.