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Profit Builders Volunteers at Wichita Habitat for Humanity

Profit Builders is a local family-owned business that prides itself on providing outsourced accounting and payroll solutions to clients across the nation. Not only are their team of expert accountants in Wichita, Kansas, dedicated to offering timely and accurate financial reporting to clients, but they are also passionate about serving the local community through various service projects. Most recently, the Profit Builders team partnered with Wichita Habitat for Humanity to help future Habitat homeowners achieve the strength, stability, and independence they need to build a better life for themselves and their families. Learn more about their recent community involvement with the Catholic Diocese of Wichita Apostle Build below!

Forming a Lasting Partnership

After searching for a new avenue to expand the company’s community involvement and give back to families in the Wichita area, Profit Builders partnered with Habitat for Humanity just over six years ago and continues to volunteer with them today. Habitat for Humanity not only provides housing for those in need of a safe and affordable place to live, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, or political views, but they also provide an opportunity for the Profit Builder’s team to be physically present and work together on projects outside of the office. This type of volunteer work has also proved a great team-building tool for staff members as it allows individuals that may not work together on a daily basis to interact and get to know each other better while still giving back.

“Accountants typically get accused or labeled as ‘boring’,” said Michelle Becker, President and CEO of Profit Builders. “We try to have a good time here by having community service hours where we work together each quarter, whether building Habitat for Humanity houses or feeding Open Doors Ministry downtown. Coming together, not only for work but also for fun, allows us to bond and maybe work with people we don’t get to work with daily in our regular routines.”

Accountants in Wichita

Catholic Diocese of Wichita Apostle Build 2021

The most recent Habitat for Humanity project the Profit Builder’s team contributed to was this summer’s Catholic Diocese of Wichita Apostle Build in the Rock the Block neighborhood, an area bounded by Hillside to Grove and Ninth to 13th streets. Since 2014, Wichita Habitat for Humanity and its partners have built more than 60 safe, affordable houses in the Rock the Block neighborhood. This year’s home build, which took place from July 7 through September 4, witnessed full groups of volunteers each day, providing them with jobs from siding and painting to hanging drywall and picking up trash at the job site. Thanks to Rachel Myers, a Profit Builders team member, for organizing this year’s involvement with the new home build, volunteers from Profit Builders were able to participate in three different groups working with site cleanup, priming, painting, caulking, siding, and framing.

“Our team has done things like Habitat for Humanity, which is always fun because you see people doing manual work,” said Aaron Becker, Vice President of Operations at Profit Builders. “We’re in offices all day, so it’s really great to get your hands dirty and work next to your coworkers for a good cause.”

Accountants in Wichita

A Rewarding Experience

Habitat for Humanity’s open-door policy, which welcomes volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds and serves people in need of housing, regardless of race or religion, makes the volunteer work extremely rewarding for individuals with the opportunity to serve on a project. The team at Profit Builders believes each home and each family they work to help are equally deserving, making their volunteerism a continually rewarding experience. They are excited to continue building their partnership with Wichita Habitat for Humanity and see what the future holds!

“Employees like working at Profit Builders because of the team environment that we have the ability to work together outside of the office with community service projects,” said Angie Blasi, Senior Manager of Accounting Services at Profit Builders. “I think many people find that rewarding that we are able to interact together outside of work and serve the community at the same time.”

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