Profit Builders Rebrands With New Logos and Website

The Quest

In 2019, Profit Builders began our quest for a new website, which included discussions about rebranding. We decided to partner with Cassandra Bryan Design, and it was eventually determined that a new website was needed, as well as a new Profit Builders logo and associated logo for ProWork, our online payroll processing system.

Branding Services

The Cassandra Bryan Design team began our rebranding process with the Profit Builders logo. They did competitive and creative research and then developed various logo design concepts. Once we selected a logo that we feel represents our high-tech solutions and high-quality customer service, we finalized the brand colors. Next, the team created the associated ProWork logo that utilizes the same icon and typography with a different color palette. Finally, brand standards guidelines, print and digital collateral and design for promotional items were provided.

Website Design and Development Services

In addition to branding services, we partnered with the Cassandra Bryan Design team to create a new, fully responsive website that would replace the Profit Builders website as well as a secondary ProWork website. Project goals included representing our new branding, presenting our unique solutions, communicating the many benefits of choosing us, and supporting current clients. As part of the process, their team created Search Engine Optimized (SEO) written content, provided creative direction for a professional photoshoot, custom-designed all website layouts, and completed the website programming utilizing best practices.

  • Professional Copywriting and Photography
  • Custom, Fully Responsive Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization and Custom Programming

Before & After Website Design