Profit Builders Recognized at 2021 WBJ Family Business Awards

Wichita businesses are the framework of the Wichita-area economy and remain essential to the success of Wichita and the entirety of south central Kansas. Since 2016, the Wichita Business Journal has recognized local family businesses that have positively impacted the community at the annual Wichita Business Journal Family Business Awards. This year, our team at Profit Builders, a full-service accounting and payroll solution that provides all clients with a dedicated team of accountants and payroll specialists in Wichita, was among the 18 Family Business Honorees recognized at the 2021 virtual event.

Profit Builder's 2021 Family Business Honoree Video

Attending the Virtual Event

For the first year since the event’s inception, this year’s 2021 Wichita Business Journal Family Business Awards were hosted virtually through an event livestream. Attendees were afforded the opportunity to purchase tickets to register for the online event, which took place on Tuesday, June 1, at noon. In addition to being honored at the virtual event, a company profile highlighting Profit Builders’ contributions as a local family-owned business will be published in the June 4 issue of the Wichita Business Journal.

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A History Rooted in Family

Profit Builders is a company that emerged from family necessity. In 1994, Michelle Becker initially founded Profit Builders to have the flexibility to spend time at home with her two children, who were toddlers at the time. With the goal of providing a proper work-life balance to her employees, Michelle consistently emphasized the importance of placing issues at home above matters at the company and worked hard to grow her company one employee and client at a time. Now, 27 years later, Michelle and her oldest son, Aaron Becker, have been successfully working together in business for over 11 years. They serve companies of all sizes, with an expert team of accountants and payroll specialists in Wichita, who they have come to regard as family.

“We didn’t have this grand plan to become a family business,” said Michelle Becker, owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Profit Builders. “But I think when we take all resources and connecters involved here, there is no question that family is the center of our business.”

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Cultivating the Profit Builders Family

At Profit Builders, there is currently a team of talented individuals with many years of industry experience. While most of these team members are non-family members by blood, they have come to be part of our Profit Builders family, significantly impacting the growth and success of the company. Not only does Michelle believe that partnering with other companies across the country is key to operating and growing a successful business, but she also believes that utilizing a solid leadership team that offers direct input and open communication has allowed for positive team interactions and also contributed to and the overall success of Profit Builders.

“This past year with COVID-19, a lot of us were faced with unique challenges,” said Angie Blasi, Senior Manager of Accounting Services. “I really appreciated that as a company, we were able to adapt and also still allow employees to thrive personally in work and at home.”

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