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Rackson Restaurants

Founded nearly 10 years ago, Rackson Restaurants is a franchisee of quick-service restaurants, operating locations in the states of Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. The company currently employs more than 1,500 individuals in retail, food production, management and administrative positions.

  • Quick-service Restaurants in 6 States
  • 1,500+ Employees
  • Nearly 10 Years in Business

Client Testimonial

  • Situation

    Rackson Restaurants initially had a full accounting team in-house that was built from scratch. The in-house accounting approach came with costly inefficiencies and major distractions. They began to need a more technology-forward and nimble solution.

    “When you’ve got a large organization that is growing and operating in different municipalities, you need a vendor that can be turnkey and take a lot of the complexities off your plate so you can focus on what you do best,” said Chris Johnson, president of Rackson Restaurants.

  • Solution

    Rackson Restaurants found Profit Builders in 2011, selecting the company for its technology focus and innovative, turnkey solutions. As they began to outsource all accounting needs to Profit Builders, costly inefficiencies were not only eliminated, but they immediately noticed that there was much more time to run their business effectively.

  • Results

    Rackson Restaurants attributes some of the company’s great success to their partnership with Profit Builders, a decision that has allowed them to focus on growing their business operations.

    “The best thing about working with Profit Builders is working with a partner,” said Johnson. “They love what they do, and they love supporting us, and in turn, we love working with them. They’ve helped us on this crazy but fun journey, building a restaurant business, and we have a lot of fun working with them.”

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